The guy who took pictures against mutilated bodies of Ukrainian soldiers is Alexey Milchakov, manic fascist from St. Petersburg. PHOTOS

Russian terrorist who was photographed against mutilated bodies of Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas was identified: it is Alexey Milchakov, manic fascist from St. Petersburg.

As reported, Milchakov, who is fighting along with the pro-Russian terrorists, became infamous in 2012 after he had been killing animals and sharing pictures of his games on the internet. Milchakov also encouraged to stab "animals, homeless persons, and children" in social networks.
терроризм фашизм

"Many remember this Russian-fascist scum, he hasn't shown up for a while; some wrote that he had died, but no. Moreover, he is in the Luhansk region again, and recently participated in the attack against Aidar volunteer battalion near Shchastia town after the truce had been announced, during which 11 soldiers were killed," activist Iraklii Komakhidze wrote on his Facebook page.

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терроризм фашизм

терроризм фашизм

The fascist from the Batman unit went on vacation to St.Petersburg in August.

терроризм фашизм

"The number of his badge is so antifascist, 1488," one of the bloggers said ironically.

терроризм фашизм

терроризм фашизм

The face of the Russian army - sadist fascist Alexey Milchakov.

"Why this Russian crud is still alive? Why do Ukrainian authorities allow the agents of Russian Main Intelligence Directorate/Federal Security Services hurt our volunteer soldiers so cynically? How come that Ukraine cannot find a few dozens of brave commandos and people able to finance a group of mercenaries who could directly aim at liquidation of revealed sadists both in Ukraine and in other places they live in? Recall small Israel, recall the revenge of Mossad aimed at terrorists who hijacked airplanes and those involved in Munich 1972. This is not impossible; all that's needed is will to revenge for our people, and some self-esteem. Dear Lord, let the souls of the warriors who gave their lives for the Country rest in peace!" the activist concluded.

Vkontakte social network pages of Russian (mostly from St. Petersburg) fascists who killed the patriots of Aidar Ukrainian volunteer battalion near Shchastia on Sept. 5:


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