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 Russian Families Keep Receiving Cargo 200: 20-Year-Old Soldier Vasilii Karavaiev Will Be Buried in Kuva Village. PHOTO

The soldier's body was brought to the village of Kuva on September 5 at midnight.

Censor.NET reports this citing Parmanews.

The captain of the military base in the Orenburg region, where Vasilii Karavaiev served under the contract, who was escorting the coffer with the serviceman's body ("Cargo 200") explained the circumstances of hi death to the parents. According to him, Karavaiev was sent to the border with Ukraine in Rostov region for military exercises. The shelling began from the side of Ukraine on August 27. His tank was hit by a projectile. His fellow fighter, a guy from the town of Sol-Iletsk, also died at scene.

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The funeral will take place in Kuva today. The soldier was 20 years old.

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