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 Volunteers Provided Phoenix Battalion with Mitsubishi Raid Pickups. PHOTOS

The first three Mitsubishi L-200 raid vehicles were passed to the Phoenix battalion of the 79th separate airmobile brigade to perform operational tasks.

The transfer took place on Sunday at the landfill where Mykolaiv paratroopers perform training, Censor.NET reports citing NikVesti.

Major Dmytro Marchenko and Advisor to the President of Ukraine, volunteer Yurii Biriukov brought pickups from Kyiv. According to them, the cars will be partially modernized. In particular, light armor will be installed to the engine compartment, radiator grille and doors. The frame for Utes heavy machine gun will be also mounted.

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"There are a lot of tasks in the army requiring fast movement. These functions are now accomplished by UAZ military vehicles, which maximum speed is 60 km/h when going down the hill. And it should better be a steep hill for UAZ to reach its top speed. A fast and agile vehicle is needed. They will be slightly covered with armor in determined areas. The weight of the car should not be increased to preserve vehicles' acceleration and top speed patterns," Biriukov said.

These pickups are designated for the third (Phoenix) battalion of the 79th separate airmobile brigade. There is a contract concluded for the supply of 18 vehicles totally from volunteers to the 79th and 25th Brigades as well as the Main Intelligence Directorate.

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