Details of Terrorist Attack at Mariupol. City Was Shelled from Two Points: 30 Rounds in 40 Minutes. PHOTOS

Journalists have restored the details of yesterday's Mariupol shelling, and told about the situation in Shyrokyne village.

Censor.NET informs, referring to hromadskeradio. On Saturday, at 11 PM, DPR militants violated the truce agreement and opened artillery fire in Mariupol city. Besides a Ukrainian army checkpoint in the Eastern suburbs of the city, civilian targets were also damaged. Among them were a gas station and a first-aid station, Ukrainian journalist Kostiantyn Reutskyi writes from Mariupol.

The information about the number of victims was not available, yet, later one civilian killed by the night fire was reported. Doctors from the first-aid station reported one wounded, who was taken from the scene by their colleagues. Residents of the Skhidnyi district were forced to leave their houses urgently. According to those who left, a house on Zhukov street, situated in several hundret meters from the checkpoint, suffered. However, we were not able to verify this information.

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According to witnesses, the shelling was carried out from two points located in the east and the north-east. It lasted around 40 minutes and involved 15 to 30 rounds. Ukrainian military lost one truck, which was shot. Around midnight, city lights were turned off in the eastern outskirts of the city, and Ukrainian military vehicles moved forward. Ukrainian troops probably expected that after the artillery fire, militants may attempt to storm the city.

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In the past two days Shyrokyne village was taken under control of different parties of the armed conflict twice. On Thursday, due to heavy shelling, Ukrainian military left their positions in the village, while on Friday it was liberated by Ukrainian army again as result of a counter-offensive. A few private houses were destroyed in the village. Fire also damaged an unfinished kindergarden (pictures of the rooms), as well as a boarding house and a summer camp, which previously hosted refugees from the territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regionsoccupied by the DPR and LPR militants and were evacuated a few days before the attack. The cross-firing killed two villagers.

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