Russian paratroopers dressed in Berkut uniform had been murdering Ukrainians. PHOTOS

Nikolay Kozlov, a Russian paratrooper who lost both legs during Russian invasion into Ukraine, had been earlier involved in the annexation operation in Crimea, as judged from images where he’s seen in Berkut uniform.

Journalist Aleksandr Argat announced this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

Argat wrote: "Kolya took the Crimea but left his legs in the Donbas instead. In fact, he didn't really have a head on his shoulders, as no reasonable Russian commando would ever post pictures of walking around Sevastopol in Berkut uniform in March 2014.

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армия рф вторжение

армия рф вторжение

"Check up his Vkontake page ( https://vk.com/id43636185 ) and don't feel sorry for poor guys sent to Ukraine by bloody Putin. There are no innocent victims on our territory. So their parents should blame not Putin but the son they have raised.

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"Just yesterday we've identified at least three russische paratroopers who had been strolling around Crimea in Berkut uniform last spring. The guys wanted to impress the public by their assault vests from Yudashkin. And these are just quick inquiries, the top of an iceberg. It's no wonder if we find their pictures taken in Kyiv in February. I had beenskeptical about people telling me there were Russian commandos at Maidan, but now I'm not. This Putlerjugend is fighting at the Donbas now. Looking forward to seeing their pictures in graves," the journalist wrote.

Fanis Khasashin https://vk.com/id33726153

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армия беркут рф

Aleksandr Fokin vk.com/id82287978

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армия беркут рфармия беркут рф

Vyacheslav Sergeyevich https://vk.com/id227400901

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The description under Vyacheslav's picture in Vkontake social network reads: 'Dummy serving in the army for a piece of junk not money.'
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As this information emerged, we can't exclude that Russian soldiers in Berkut uniform took part in mass killings at the Maidan in Kyiv in February 2014. This unofficial information had been repeatedly discussed in the media.

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