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 Terrorists Use Cluster Munitions Banned in Several Countries Against Ukrainian Servicemen. PHOTOS

The Russian mercenaries in the East of Ukraine are using cluster munitions against the Ukrainian troops, which are prohibited in a number of countries around the world.

Volodymyr Kukhar posted corresponding photos on his Facebook page being at the scene, Ukrainian Pravda reports.

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"The cluster munitions warhead that did not explode was launched from the multiple launch rocket system Smerch. It fell on the ground in the base camp," Volodymyr Kukhar wrote.


He also published a photo of the projectile from another MLRS Uragan.

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Water barrel crippled by the mortar attack of the area between Shchastya and Luhansk. Photo by Volodymyr Kukhar


This shell of MLRS Uragan is more than a meter long. It did not detonated. Photo by Volodymyr Kukhar

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Shrapnel that was in Cluster Munitions of MLRS Uragan, which the militants launched at the ATO forces. Photo by Oksana Kovalenko, Ukrainian Pravda

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