Airborne Assault Vehicle of Russian 76th Airborne Division Captured near Luhansk. PHOTOS

The Ukrainian military seized BMD-2 airborne assault vehicle of the Pskov Airborne Division with all the documents as a result of the fighting near Lutuhyne in the Luhansk region.

Journalist Leonid Shvets reports this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

He said: "The guys asked me to report: WE ARE AT WAR WITH THE RUSSIAN ARMY. Our troops captured BMD-2 airborne combat vehicle near Lutuhine town, bearing the side number of 275, from the 1st Airborne Company from the military base number 74268 of Pskov Airborne Division, the platoon commander is Senior Lieutenant Popov. They found all the documentation in the vehicle: the log book, evening roll book and discharge book. Russian field rations packed in March this year were also found.

Concerning the crew, well, let's say it was lost on the way. If the command will not be catching flies, the evidence will go far beyond a single highly efficient squad of the Armed Forces."

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