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 Western Reporters Witness Dozen Russian APCs and SAM Buk Entering Ukrainian Territory. EVIDENCE OF INVASION

The active movement of military equipment is observed not far from the place where the "convoy" trucks encamped.

Journalist Tymur Olevskii said in the air of Hromadske.TV of a several dozen of armored vehicles noticed near the checkpoint Izvaryne, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrainian Pravda.

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"About 50 armored vehicles drove first toward the checkpoint Izvaryne and then vanished somewhere in the fields," he said. The same information provided the reporter of The New Times who is located in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, where the "humanitarian convoy" made a stop. He speaks of about two dozen of IFVs.


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Reporter of the British newspaper The Guardian Sean Walker said that the convoy of Russian military vehicles with official markings entered the Ukrainian territory directly in front of him.

At that the reporter admits that it didn't look like invasion but rather an everyday occurrence.

"The command post of SAM Buk moves towards the border next to the convoy of humanitarian aid, " Russian reporter of The New York Times Andrew Roth writes.


It was the first time when western media witnessed Russian military vehicles crossing the Ukrainian State Border, writes The Telegraph.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p298091