"Humanitarian Aid for Donbas" Collected on Moscow Streets: Parts for 120 mm Howitzers and Cannons, Machine-Gun Cartrige Belts. PHOTOS

"Hysterical atmosphere of revenge, chauvinism and militarism, which covered Russian society, allows to do absolutely unthinkable thinks."

Famous Livejournal blogger DRUGOI writes about it, Censor.NET informs.

"For example, a list of military ammunition needed by the militants was handed out yesterday at a rally in support of the war in the east of Ukraine. The activity was hypocritically called "humanitarian aid collection". However, I do not think that someone really brings all these belts and magazines for machines, scopes, night vision goggles, helmets, body armor, and radios to the collecting points. All these lists and stalls on the streets of Moscow are rather invented as a cover for the notorious voentorgs (military shops) where the militants get not only ammunition from, but also different kinds of weapons.

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In order for the war destroying the neighboring country to last as long as possible, people should be killed over and over again, Ukrainian and Russian people. However, the fact that authorities organized a collection of military ammunition for illegal armed groups fighting on the territory of Ukraine is striking. In this regard, one should, of course, recall the disgrace Russia brought upon the sponsors of Chechen fighters, those supplying them with money and weapons," the blogger writes.

Earlier Censor.NET reported that terrorists provocative shell the territory of Russia, while the Army of the Russian Federation responses with fire at Ukrainian troops .

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