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 Heroic Special Forces Captain Oleksandr Petrakivskyi Needs 150 Thousand Euros to Save His Life. PHOTO

The captain gave his helmet to a wounded soldier, and after a few minutes he got hit with a frag.

26-year-old captain of the 8th separate Special PurposeRegiment based in Khmelnytskyi, Oleksandr Petrakivskyi was woundedin the head on July 20 near the village of Shchastia of the Luhanskregion. The soldier was hit in the head by a frag, Censor.NETreports citing ye.ua.

"They were ambushed,though there was not supposed to be any. Apparently somebody gavethem up. A fight broke out. Sasha was carrying out the wounded andgave one of them his helmet because the guy lost his in the fight.A few minutes later, Sasha was hit by a frag in the head," says thefather of the soldier Petro Petrakivskyi. During the shooting twoKhmelnytskyi commandos were killed and five wounded. "Sasha stayedconscious despite the wound in his head as long as he could.Medical assistance was provided to the guys in Vinnytsia off-sitefield hospital," the father says. "Sasha ordered the doctors tofirst help his men first, although they were less heavily wounded.He is like that. Perhaps, this delay had its impact on therecovery. "

The first surgery onOleksandr Petrakivskyi was made at the field hospital, the next onein Kharkiv. During this time, the captain had two minor strokes andcerebral edema. Right now the soldier is at the Lviv militaryhospital: "To reduce the swelling, they put him in an induced comauntil Monday. He is in a very bad condition, but the doctors saythat the brain is alive, so there is hope."

Each day of treatment ofcaptain Petrakivskyi costs six thousand hryvnia, but it's still notthat much money. A hospital in Israel can put the captain of the 8Separate Special Purpose Regiment on his feet but it will cost150,000 euros. You can help Oleksandr Petrakivskyi by transferringmoney to the account in Privatbank: 5167-9872-0414-2794(Petrakivska (Kistei) Halyna). Father's phone: 067-34-82-170(Petrakivskyi Petro), mother's phone: 063-111-92-86 (PetrakivskaTetiana).


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