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 Ukrainian Soldiers on the Battlefield. PHOTOS+VIDEO

The activists of ARMIA SOS brought another lot of humanitarian aid to the area of the ATO and got into the fighting. A subversive group of the invaders attacked the Ukrainian servicemen checkpoint.

Fortunately, the Ukrainian fighterssuccessfully repelled the attack, activist of ARMIA SOS YuriiKasianov writes on hispage on Facebook, Censor.NET informs

"Wearrived to the gunners' position on the outskirts of a recentlyliberated town (let's call it this way), discharged another lot ofgoods gathered by ARMIA SOS, andsuddenly found ourselves in the epicenter of the battle. Saboteurgroup of the insurgents attacked our checkpoint on the outskirts ofthe town spreading the fire to the position of self-propelled gunslater. Shooting, explosions, smoke - the troops finally repulsedthe assault by a suppressing fire and moved to a new position,"Kasianov writes.

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Photos made by YuriiKasianov

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