RF Federal Service has persistently attempted to change an article of German Wikipedia, trying to blanch over terrorists. PHOTOS

In the morning of July 29, the Federal Protective Service of Russia made five attempts over 20 minutes to revise an article in German Wikipedia concerning Boeing 777 catastrophe.

This was reported by Gosspravka service (State Reference of Russia - ed.)in its Twitter, Censor.NET reports with reference to therunet.com.

As it follows from the article's history of edits, the following words have attempted to be modified using the Federal Protective Service's IP-addresses. «Separatisten» (separatists) was claimed to be «Rebellen» (rebels), «Aufständischen» (rebels), «militärische Führung» (military leaders), and «Separatistenführer» (separatists' leader) was amended into «Aufständische Ministerpräsident» (prime minister of the rebels).

россия самолет боинг

Each time after another correcting, German Wikipedia users concealed it to keep the previous wordings. "The correcting struggle" lasted for half an hour.

Russian authorities have amended Wikipedia's foreign language pages before. On July 23, Gospravka account published the statistics of correcting from the addresses of Russian state organisations in 2005 - 2014, the total amount of which is 189. In 2013, All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (ARSTRBC) was the most active editor, and in 2012 it was the Federal Protective Service.

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The following morning after Boeing 777 crash in Donetsk, article on civil aviation aircraft crashes was edited via the ARSTRBC IP-addresses. Initially, a Ukrainian user noted that the aircraft was brought down by terrorists, while ARSTRBC preferred the "Ukrainian military forces" formula.

Soon after the catastrophe, the article about Su-25 aircraft was edited from unknown Moscow IP-addresses. They distorted the information about its technical characteristics.

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