Western intelligence found another proof of the Boeing being downed by Russian terrorists. PHOTO

There is more and more evidence that Russia-funded ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ terrorists are responsible for the downing of the Malaysian Airlines passenger aircraft over Eastern Ukraine.

Lithuanian journalists managed to find another proof of the terrorists' involvement with this hideous crime, Censor.NET reports with reference to NR Baltija.

As reported by Alfa. lt citing its well-informed source, Western intelligence services succeeded in determining origin and direction of movement of the white Volvo truck which took away the Buk air defense missile system after the Malaysian plane crash.

Earlier Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) published a video showing a white Volvo truck transporting a Buk. According to them, that was the anti-air missile system which downed the Malaysian plane, and it was taken towards the Russian Federation border.

самолет теракт бук
A frame from the video published by SBU.

Reporters of Alfa.lt managed to contact the truck owner. (The medium states they have all personal details of the truck owner, which details can't be published for obvious reasons). According to the medium, this person's testimony is crucial for the investigation of the grievous crime. It irrevocably proves that the Buk AD system which shot down the Malaysian Boeing was in the hands of 'DPR' and 'LPR' terrorists.

Here the full interview with Vasiliy, the truck owner, is published:

Alfa. lt: Can you confirm that the truck which took away the Buk missile system belongs to you? Has it been stolen from you?

Vasiliy: No, it hasn't been stolen. But my vehicle depot in Donetsk has been captured. It (the truck - ed.) was parked there. And yes, it's my truck. They came to the depot and said they needed it (the depot - ed.). Everyone (all Vasiliy's employees - ed.) left on the 8th, and the depot remained under their (invaders') control, together with my vehicles, including my white truck.

Alfa. lt: When was it seized?

Vasiliy: On July 8.

Alfa. lt: Is the truck from the video featuring the Buk being taken to the Russian Federation border yours?

Vasiliy: Absolutely yes. We know all our vehicles, they are easily recognizable. Yes, it's ours.

Alfa. lt: And the people who took over your company, could they identify the trucks?

Vasiliy: My drivers and my employees have not been working since July 8. They are not there any more.

Alfa. lt: Are you 100% sure it's yours? (The truck - ed.)

Vasiliy: Absolutely! It's the only one of the kind in the Donetsk region, there is no such other truck. I mean such Volvo with such a cabin.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p296016