Terrorists ready to exchange FSB agent Olga Kulygina for 15 Ukrainian war captives. PHOTOS

Terrorist leader Bezler is willing to exchange the FSB agent for 15 Ukrainian POWs.

This was announced by davnym-davno blogger, Censor.NET reports.

One might remember Bezler's fake execution of POWs wearing sacks on their head. It was done in order to trade this woman in exchange from the Ukrainian authorities.

Terrorists are ready to return 15 Ukrainian captives for her, including an SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) colonel. According to Bezler, that is the way he wants to exchange the 25-year-old wife of one of Horlivka terrorists and the mother of a 4-year-old son. All of the above is lies: the age of the woman and her son, and the very existence of her Horlivka husband.

кулыгина ольга

The picture was taken on May 2 in Slovyansk by Dutch photographer Pierre Crom. Another image from the series was published in Russian-separatist media reading "Mothers in Slovyanskthers stand up to replace their killed sons."
кулыгина ольга

Kulygina Olga Ivanovna.

Born on Sept 14, 1972.

Olga lives with her 77-year-old mother and a son of 13 in Moscow, 9 Leninskiy prospect, apt ***.

In 1989-1994, Olga went to Moscow State Institute for Applied Biotechnology (previously Moscow Technical Institute for Meat & Dairy Industries). Kulygina got a PhD degree in Biology for thesis "Hematological and Cytological Consequences of the Chornobyl NPP disaster for three species of mouse-like rodents inhabiting the 30-km zone."

Olga was employed by Bazovyy Element (Basic Element) company owned by Oleg Deripaska.

After that, she got a job at the Russian State University for Trade and Economics. This college was a result of merge of the Moscow State University for Commerce, Moscow Trade and Economics College, and Moscow Technical College for Catering. RSUTE merged with the Russian Plehanov Economics University in 2012.

In 2005, Kulygina got promoted to Associate Professor with the Department for Anti-Crisis and Strategic Management. Olga teaches Strategic Management course, is a Director of the Center of Technologies and Matrix of Influence within the University, expert of the World Anticrime and Antiterrorist Forum founded by Anatoliy Kulikov, ex-minister of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation.

She is also a reporter for the ANNA information agency, registered in Abkhazia and led by infamous Marat Musin. In 2012, Olga was sent to Syria by the agency, writing pro-Assad reports and accusing rebels of the events.

In October of 1993, Olga took part in Moscow mutiny as a paramedic for the Belyi Dom squad TS20 (commander - colonel Yeremin). Her direct boss in the Belyi Dom was medical colonel Yakushenkov. In 2001 Yakushenkov and Kulygina had a son together. Yakushenkov died in 2012, he was 25 years her senior.

Over the recent years, Kulygina investigated illegal patterns and transactions in banking system. Her articles indicate she has been granted access to some of the special services data (FSB most likely), although Russia's Tsentrobank refused to deal with her.

On May 30, which is the official date indicated by SBU, although this probably happened three days before, two Gazel minivans from Russia were stopped by Ukrainian state border guards at Biryukovo border checkpoint. The vans were to be picked up by Mercedes-Vito at the Ukrainian side. A shooting took place resulting in killing of five terrorists; 13 were captured, one seriously wounded. The vans transported 28 Kalashnikovs, six machine guns, four sniper rifles and three Mukha grenade guns, as well as 40 boxes with ammunition and grenades. One of the vans' passengers was a woman with $10,000 in cash, it was Ms. Kulygina. At the moment, she is in custody in Kyiv SBU.

кулыгина ольга

Photo of Kulygina and Girkin, she is also a good friend of Boroday.

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