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 Shell Hit a Kindergarten in Luhansk. PHOTOS

Yesterday, July 16, about 07:15 p.m. a projectile hit kindergarten #134, at 18 Dal street, Luhansk.

Censor.NET citing the press service of the Luhansk City Council reports that the explosion damaged the roof - in two neighboring rooms the overlap was broken through, but thankfully there was no fire.

There are no casualties.

Luhansk Mayor Serhii Kravchenko arrived at the scene today, assessed the damage and gave the order to eliminate the consequences as quickly as possible.

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"When they start shooting at kindergartens, schools and residential buildings, I believe that this is the height of cynicism," said Serhii Kravchenko, "We are so proud of our educational institutions, most of which - for the first time in many years - we have been able to overhaul and now the fruits of our labor are under fire. But the most important is children and the people of Luhansk. It's a good thing the kindergarten was closed and no one was hurt. The number one task now is the safety of the city residents and I call on everyone to be extremely cautious and careful not to put your lives in danger. "

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According to the Department of Education and Youth of the Luhansk City Council, as of today the shelling caused damage to 14 educational institutions of Luhansk.




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