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 European Court of Human Rights Started Working with the Case of Captive Pilot Savchenko against Russia. DOCUMENT

The European Court of Human Rights has started working with the case of Nadia Savchenko against Russia, giving it priority status.

Lawyer Valentyna Telychenko wrote about it on Facebook, Censor.NET reports. The President of the Court appealed to the Russian government regarding how Nadia Savchenko got into a Russian jail and on what grounds and why she still has not been given the opportunity to meet with the consul of Ukraine. The court also ordered the Russian government to inform it about the conditions of the Ukrainian pilot and all the events associated with Nadia Savchenko. " I hope that this quick response of the ECHR will ensure that Nadia will be in Ukraine soon. There are no illusion s about Putin, so we need to fight for the return of Nadia Savchenko, using all political and legal means and the ECHR as a legal tool to protect human rights," Telychenko noted.

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The Voronezh court left Ukrainian kidnapped pilot Nadia Savchenko in the city jail till the end of August. She is accused of complicity in the murder of Russian journalists. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation stated that Savchenko herself entered the territory of the Russian Federation as a refugee.

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