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 Terrorists Fleeing from the Ukrainian Army. PHOTOS

Images of destroyed armored convoys of the DPR terrorists who tried to break out from Sloviansk to Kramatorsk.

Putin's mercenaries abandoned the wounded and the bodies oftheir dead comrades, Censor.NET reports citing theInformation Resistance website.

Meanwhile, war correspondent and expert Konstiantyn Mashovetsdispels doubts about the attack on the terrorists' armored group bythe Ukrainian army.

"Going back to the above said ... about this armoured group.Someone raised doubts, they say the trucks and rollers are rusty.It looks fake and staged. I will answer this:

1. Before you argue, try to distinguish rust from scale.

2. Anyone who REALLY dealt with armored vehicles knows that tracks(in some places) also rust on COMPLETELY operational vehicles,"Mashovets wrote on Facebook.

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