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 National Guard Battalion Seized Terrorists' Arsenal of Weapons - Avakov. PHOTO

All weapons are made in Russia, as it can be seen from the supporting documents.

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov reported this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

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"The 2nd reserve battalion of the National Guard seized an arsenal of weapons that belonged to the terrorists. Newest MANPADS (man-portable missile system. - Ed.) Strela (Arrow), mines, rocket launchers - they all are produced in Russia, their documents demonstrate it. The warehouse was ... in the basement of the church. We took them to our base camp on two trucks. And we still have to make two trips," he said.

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"We will use their arms to fight them," soldiers of the National Guard are laughing and joking to beat stress. These are the real guards! " Avakov said.


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