8 Border Guards Wounded and 1 Killed: Terrorists Shelled Novoazovsk Checkpoint and Border Guard Unit. PHOTOS

Terrorists shelled the observation point on the Azov Sea coast on July 5.

Censor.NET reports aboutthis referring to State Border GuardService.

There were 15 terrorists firing with mortars and small arms.

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"Today at 02.20 AM terrorists shelled at Novoazovsk checkpoint inthe Donetsk region near the Russian border. Militants fired 20missiles from the village Markino. Checkpoint was temporarilyclosed and border guards prepared to repulse the attack," thestatement says.


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Terrorists also attacked the border guard unit heading to thecheckpoint. 8 border guards were wounded (3 of them seriously) and1 was killed.


"The attackers came from Russian sidein two small-sized watercraft andlanded nearSiedove village (Donetskregion)", Ukrainska Pravdainforms.


Border guards prepared to defend the checkpoint and repulse theattack.

During the attack an administrative building, APM-90 spotligth andUAZ viecle were destroyed, Border Guard Service reports.

The same information was reported by Ridne Pryazovia newspaper, citingsome locals. However, the report mentioned a terrorist attack atthe border guard technical supervision checkpoint in Obryv village(Novoazovskyi district). The newspaper writes about three peoplebeing seriously wounded, while the number of lightly wounded isstill under question.

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"The fire destroyed a locating station operated by the border guardcheckpoint personnel. After that the terrorists left. As a result,the village medical station and the post office were damaged",Ridne Pryazovia claims.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p292709