Military Repairmen from Mykolaiv Restored nearly 150 Military Vehicles. PHOTOS

Military repairmen from Mykolaiv restored nearly 150 military vehicles damaged in ATO.

Restoration of military machines occurs on the base of repair-restoration regiment in the Mykolaiv region, Censor.NET reports citing the Ministry of Defense page on Facebook.

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According to the military base deputy commander for armaments Lieutenant Colonel Vitalii Bakhmat, monitoring devices, headlights and transmission are mostly damaged in combat vehicles that arrive for reparing.

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- Most of the APCs and IFVs which visited the ATO area have armor damage caused by the RPG, enemy snipers and machine gunners - said the officer.

The mode of failure suggests that it was applied by warfare professionals, an expert repairer explained.

For example, Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Bakhmat demonstrated the IFV with traces of numerous disruptions that was recently brought to the military base. Fighting vehicle was hit by two shots from an RPG in the side armor and gear compartment. It also has traces of machine gun and sniper shots.

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All equipment that comes to repairers is restored and returned to duty. Nearly 150 military vehicles have been restored during the anti-terrorist operation.

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The appropriate material and technical documentation to equip combat vehicles with the grid preventing RPG hits will soon arrive from Kharkov. Each armored vehicle will be equipped with similar protection devices from now on, repairers say

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