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 "Matrix in Form of DPR was Built Specially for Suckers" - Blogger. PHOTO

Donetsk militants called the people of Bes terrorists and stated that they fought with them in the framework of the anti-terrorist operation.

LiveJournal user pauluskp writes about it in his blog, Censor.NET reports

Talking to his friends from Donetsk, he found out that the militants of Bes (Bezler) from Horlivka arrived in Donetsk to try to capture the Internal Ministry of Ukraine Headquarters in the Donetsk region. They faced fierce resistance. Horlivka terrorists were opposed by "Vostok" and "Oplot" battalions along with the cops and Sokol riot cop detachment.

"They allegedly repulsed Bes terrorists and then started to negotiate with Avakov of liberation of the building. Moreover, the Donetsk militants called Bes' people terrorists and stated that fought them under the anti-terrorist operation," he wrote this noting that it is hard to keep sane mind while trying to understand this.

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The author reminds that "Oplot" was originally cop's structure consisting of the so-called "social activists". This social activists work with the cops, standing next to the traffic policemen in civilian clothes to sign falsified records, patrolling the streets with the Internal Affairs Patrol Guard Service officers. And of all, they run errands for the cops. The cops totally control those people intimidating them in different ways. "Oplot" is positioning itself as a DNR's partner being not subordinate to the DPR."


"Vostok" set a powerful roadblock guarded by BTR APC on the approach to "Lux" near Motel after that event.

"The militants stand on that roadblock giving a strong hint that they are not attracted by the DPR conversations of Akhmetov's property nationalization," the author writes.


"Vostok", in its turn, suddenly gets fraternal assistance in form of recruits from Chechnya and Ossetia who were immediately committed to attack the airport, where Caucasians were killed. Former get-together relations were reestablished in "Vostok" battalion without zealous foreigners' interference who came with completely different goals. Clever enough!"

"Vostok" suddenly comes to the Regional State Administration building and rigidly disperses suckers supporting the DPR after the massacre at the airport. Those morons were offended, but went home because they did not have weapons. Some of the suckers were detained, while the Regional state administration headquarters was cleared from barricades. "Vostok" battalion does not occupy the Regional state administration building, where Pushilin and Borodai continue their meetings. Vostok militants are deployed separately from the DPR in the 5th Section in Donetsk. The Ukrainian Security Service officer, the former head of the Donetsk Alpha special force squad nicknamed Chekist commands the battalion. He is considered not to be a goof," blogger writes.

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According to the author, a not heroic-looking Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Lukianchenko publicly ignores and abuses the DPR all this time: "And they didn't shot him, put into the ward in the basement, doped or forced him to clean toilets for such behavior"


The secret of all this is simple: "Vostok" and "Oplot" have plenty of arms, while in the DPR only Borodai's and Pushilin's security has weapons, the author writes. Anyway, who is Pushilin? He is Akhmetov's errand boy as well as mayor Lukianchenko.

"Bes (Bezler) tried to break the Donetsk idyll today. What a fool! Strelok (Girkin) scowled at the slaughter in Donetsk from his Beautiful Faraway and just spat. He has the real massacre but not some cheap imitation," the blogger notes.

"Most of Akhmetov's plants were released long ago simultaneously with Mariupol and Donetsk, where his favorite Arena stadium is situated. Thus a cozy get-together appeared. They construct a matrix in the form of the DPR for suckers. Everybody is happy. Donetsk will not be bombed, if I'm not mistaken. "Vostok" will be reformed to a private security agency of Akhmetov, from where it actually came from. "Oplot" will return to the cops. Donetsk will be freed by the Ukrainian volunteer battalions the same way as Mariupol was recently released," the author sums up.

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