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 Vlasenko Once Again Prohibited to Leave the Country. He is Expecting an Arrest. DOCUMENT + VIDEO

"Today, 13 March, once again, border guards refused me permission to travel abroad. Today at a personal official invitation of European Parliament I was planning to take part in urgent debate on Ukraine, which will hear shameful case of the Higher Court that deprived me of the mandate," said Vlasenko.

He noted that all of this happened, despite the official statements by the PGO, that they have no claims against Vlasenko, reports INTV.

"It all happened in spite of the statement of the PGO that they do not have any claims against me. This is political repression, it is a continuation of escalation and it testifies to the fact that no one is going to stop," said Vlasenko. "That is why I stress that in the nearest future I expect to be arrested, and it will be the next step to ensure that Yulia Tymoshenko does not have a proper professional defense in forged criminal cases against her," said Vlasenko.

Defense attorney of the former Prime Minister also said that the denial of his departure abroad is contrary to the law and common sense, because there are no judicial decisions which he did abide. "Contacting Pshonka or Kuzmin as to why they are breaking the law is pointless, but in terms of formality, I will address a letter to them," said Vlasenko.

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