"Viktor! You Sold the Country, You Sold Donbas, Who are You Now to Us?" Donbas Residents Protest Against Shale Gas. PHOTOS + VIDEO

On March 10, in the central square Kramatorsk meeting of citizens was held to discuss the prospects of shale gas production in the region. Participants - around two thousand people - strongly opposed the plans of the Government of Ukraine and its companion - Shell corporation.

Speakers included representatives of public organizations, environmentalists, members of the local city council from the opposition parties and regular citizens, report.dn.ua writes.

Speakers expressed their opposition to the plans for gas production, focused on environmental issues in the region and expressed outrage at the fact that, under agreement with Shell, the Ukrainian government had not thought to ask the opinion on this issue of people living in areas of future gas production.

The organizers stressed that the event is non-political in nature, but it could not avoid politics. First uninvited guests were representatives of the Ukrainian Choice initiative of Viktor Medvedchuk which was asked to leave immediately. Second, in speeches, and in the cries of the crowd there was sharp criticism of the President, the government and the ruling Party of Regions, which, in the opinion of the citizens "have sold their own people."

The representatives of the Kharkiv oblast reported that these days similar protests are taking place in the villages of the region, and the chairmen of village councils, most of them from the Party of Regions, has asked the villagers not to demand, but oblige, on behalf of local communities, to send their inquiries to Kyiv. That is, village heads are uncomfortable and scared to act directly against the line of the Party and government, but at the request of the community - it's an option.

At the end of gathering and adoption of a resolution, the citizens have been actively signing protest letters to local and republican authorities.

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