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 Banquet Prepared for Yanukovych and Ministers. PHOTO

A banquet was prepared in one of the halls of the Cabinet, which is usually the seat of the government.

As Ukrainian Pravda reports, this could be seen by journalists who watch broadcast of the expanded meeting of the Cabinet on the monitors in an adjacent room.

Thus, during a speech by Yurii Boyko, broadcast session was interrupted. First, while there was an image on monitors with no sound displaying the Great Hall of the Cabinet with a long banquet table. The table is set with plates of food. Around the table waiters were bustling, setting the glasses. A few minutes later the picture has disappeared, and then again the monitors continued broadcasting the meeting of the Cabinet.

The employees of the Cabinet avoided comment on the banquet menu, and any information about its planning. As you know, the Cabinet is holding a expanded meeting with Yanukovych and Ministers.

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