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 Vanity Fair: Luxury Watches at Judges Congress. The Judge who Lost Yanukovych’s Criminal Cases is Wearing $32,000 Watch. PHOTOS

Ukrainian judges have long been considered well-off people. Once again it was proved by a judge of the Constitutional Court Viacheslav Ovcharenko, who was not careful to show off a watch for 32.4 thousand dollars.

An image from XI Session of Ukrainian Judges Congress was posted on Facebook by reporter Vlad Sodel.

"This shy man in a brown sweater against his colleagues in suits who immediately covered his watch is a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Viacheslav Ovcharenko, who allegedly "lost" Yanukovych's criminal cases while being a judge in Yenakiievo," writes Sodel.

According to the journalist, Ovcharenko is wearing a Breguet Marine Chronograph 5827bb/12/9z8. The manufacturer sells this timepiece for 32.4 thousand dollars, but it can be bought for 27,000 dollars.

Andrii Stryzhak was dismissed as a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in connection to reaching the age of 65. In his place Oleksandr Lytvynov, another judge from Donetsk, was elected. The regime continues to strengthen the CC with its own people.

Ulysse Nardin Dual Time 246-55/32 - $ 22,200, but as for the Constitutional Court judges, who declare half a million hryvnia a year, it is probably not that much.

This is yet another judge from Donetsk, who suddenly two years ago became a judge of the Constitutional Court. Shaptala Natalia has on her left hand Ulysse Nardin Caprice Diamonds 133-91C-691 priced somewhere at $ 7-10 thousand dollars.

Not surprisingly this was the reaction of an unidentified lady judge from some of the regional economic court. The diamonds on the watch should be hidden.

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