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 Party of Regions Militants Came to Rada at Night. PHOTO

PArty of Regions deputies came to the Parliament.

This wasreported nu Batkivschyna deputy Volodymyr Ariev ob his Twitterpage.

"Regions in theParliament," he wrote at 10:48 p.m. "Shufrich, Tedeiev, Prodivus.They are standing near the podium," he said. After 12 minutes Arievtwitted: "Regions deputies are gone. Note - Shufrich, Prodivus, andTedeiev came (militants who participate in all the brawls). Theystood near the podium for 10 minutes and then said goodbye. Arethey training ot to lose shape?".

Opposition deputies had previously stated that therepresentatives of the majority can try to unlock the podium atnight. On Thursday, deputy of the Party of Regions Yaroslav Sukhyysaid that the leadership of the faction dismissed them until March5.

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