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 Party of Regions Elite in Rada - Tattoo, White Gold and $88,000 Watch. PHOTOS

PR deputies during yesterday's meeting of the Verkhovna Rada showed off their luxury accessories.

"Number 7 on the Party of Regions Volodymyr Boyko, CEO of Mariupol's Ilyich metallurgical plant has a legendary anchor tattoo on his left hand, and next to it he is wearing Franck Muller Master Banker Chronobanker made of white gold for $50,800" - writes photographer Vlad Sodel on his Facebook page.

This is Bort Vitalii who joined the ranks of the party's militants and his DE BETHUNE DB28 Aiguille d'Or - unique (50 pieces) titanium tourbillon, winner of Grand Prix Watch Of The Year in 2012 in Geneva. $ 88,000.

Here's a story with this watch of the former secretary of the Donetsk city council and the hero of the film "The Other Chelsea" Nikolay Levchenko. There was something strange about the name Cecil Purnell - I had never heard of such. But later I found out that it's kind of a new Swiss brand, which comes from Hong Kong.

Here is a dialogue with the Russian forum watchmakers:

- It is for this watch (in white gold) the owner gave $ 70,000
- Did the owner learn about the Chinese nature of the watch? How many good watches you could buy for this money...
- I decided not to disappoint the owner, let him live his own fairy tale, and we'll leave the bitter truth for ourselves

Levchenko has the same model that analyzed the master, but a little different color of the dial ...

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