Chelyabinsk Hit by Meteor Shower: Demolished Buildings, Ambulances Everywhere, Traffic Jams all over the City. PHOTO

As a result of a meteor shower, which hit the Chelyabinsk region, part of the roof in the Park City Hotel collapsed and the porch was cracked.

Shock wave smashed windows of the nearby shops, local news agency Znak.com reports citing eyewitnesses.

According to the news agency, the building of the temple of Alexander Nevsky, in which the pipe organ room is has slanted cupolas with crosses.

Also observed is a large number of ambulances and huge traffic jams.

According to witnesses the roof of the Zync factory has collapsed.

Фотография из соцсети «ВКонтакте»

Photo: Uralpolit.ru

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p233214