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 Fight in Pechersk Court - Police Breaking Legs of Deputy Denisova. PHOTOS

Clashes between deputies and special police forces Griffin took place in the building of the Pechersk Court.

It is reported by the Ukrainian Pravda.

The judge imposed a fine of a thousand tax free minimums on ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for contempt of court. MPs protested against the decision. The judge stated that people who violate the order will be removed from the premises.

MPs did not calm down, and then judge Tsarevych asked the law enforcement officers to remove the deputies from the court.

The room started filling with special forces Griffin. After their leader failed to persuade the deputies, they began to drag them out. Deputy Liudmyla Denysova started screaming that they were trying to break her legs. "Get off my feet, you bastard, what is happening?" she cried. In turn, deputy Serhii Pashynskyy said that the deputies will not go out of the court until they have the decision of he court, with the list of the deputies names.

After several minutes Griffin forces stopped using force. MPs in comments to journalists said they would not leave the meeting room. "You see how we were thrown out of the Ukrzaliznytsya hospital. But there was no media there," said Oleksandra Kuzhel.

Judge Tsarevych entered the courtroom accompanied by Griffin forces but immediately went to the other door. As of 4:00 p.m. the police made ​​a second attempt to take the deputies out of the hall.

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