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 Images of Latest Ukrainian APC Posted on Internet. PHOTOS

Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau completed production of the first prototype of a wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-4 MB - new modification of the well-known BTR-4.

First photos of the latest APC were posted by posted BMPD, blog of the Russian Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

According to the blog, the BTR-4 MB is considered a promising armored vehicle for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The update of the BTR-4project was carried out according to the requirements of the Ministry of Defence which criticized earlier versions of the vehicle. The main difference of the BTR-4 MB is a new nasal site hulls, performed with a significant slope and the deployment of the driver and commander in separate hatches (instead of the archaic unit with bulletproof doors in the previous version of the BTR-4).

In addition, the stern of the exit ramp has a landing flap (in which there is an additional door). Body armor protection has been upgraded from STANAG 4569 Level 2 to Level 3. There have been no major changes to improve mine protection. Experts suggest that B designation in the index probably means the use of imported diesel engine. The prototype is equipped with BTR-4 MB combat module Parus (Sail).

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