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 Images of Latest Ukrainian APC Posted on Internet. PHOTOS

Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau completed production of the first prototype of a wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-4 MB - new modification of the well-known BTR-4.

First photos ofthe latest APC were posted by posted BMPD, blog of the Russian Centerfor Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

According to theblog, the BTR-4 MB is considered a promising armored vehicle forthe Armed Forces of Ukraine. The update of theBTR-4project was carried outaccording to the requirements of the Ministry of Defence whichcriticized earlier versions of the vehicle. The main difference ofthe BTR-4 MB is a new nasal site hulls, performed with asignificant slope and the deployment of the driver and commander inseparate hatches (instead of the archaic unit with bulletproofdoors in the previous version of the BTR-4).

In addition, the stern of the exit ramp has a landing flap (inwhich there is an additional door). Body armor protection has beenupgraded from STANAG 4569 Level 2 to Level 3. There have been nomajor changes to improve mine protection. Experts suggest that Bdesignation in the index probably means the use of imported dieselengine. The prototype is equipped with BTR-4 MB combat module Parus(Sail).

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