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 Activists Chained Themselves to Yanukovych’s Fence Protesting Harassment of Tymoshenko. Fights Erupted. PHOTOS

During a rally near the Presidential Administration three people - Ivan Krulko, Oleh Kuiavskyy, Serhii Mitrofanskyy - handcuffed themselves to the fence in protest against harassment of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Censor.NET correspondent reports from the scene.

According to the protesters who chained themselves to the fence outside the Bankivska they will not remove the handcuffs and will not leave until their demands on ending torture and the release of Yulia Tymoshenko are met. One of the protesters took off his coat remaining in an embroidery shirt. They also holding a portrait of Tymoshenko.

According to the reporter, people who can be seen in Party of Regions meetings started gathering at the place where the opposition rally is happening. They stated that they have come to demand announcing today the Day of Embracing and declaring it a day off. After that, a fight erupted between them and Tymoshenko supporters. Berkut put a cordon between the two groups of protesters and blocked the driveway

Participants of the rally chanted "Freedom to political prisoners!" and holding posters with the slogans: "No to Torture", "Cannibals". Also, protesters unfurled a large banner "Freedom to Yulia and Ukraine." In addition, the protesters are collecting signatures for an open letter to the President of the Ukrainian from Ukrainian youth.

On Monday youth organizations are holding a rally "Stop political perversion" near the Presidential Administration. The youth who are not willing to tolerate immorality and outrage of the authoritarian regime set out their demands on the fulfillment of the conditions declared by former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, civil disobedience, the immediate cessation of political repression, torture, falsification of absurd new criminal charges, as well as the unconditional release of Yulia Tymoshenko , Yurii Lutsenko and other political prisoners.

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Source: Photo Natalia Sharomova