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 Four Activists Thrown in Prison For Picture of Yanukovych Shot in the Head. PHOTOS

The court of Sumy on January 14 finished the hearing of criminal cases filed against activists who drew stencils of President Viktor Yanukovych shot through the head.

According to the statement published on the Black Committee website four people were accused of "painting stencils depicting Yanukovych shot in the head, extremist graffiti, and arson of a hostel."

The Black Committee stated that one of the detainees, Ihor Gannenko, "was accused of taking part in the event in which he was not involved, and a confession was beaten out of him."

"After the tortures the guy could not walk for a month. This same scenario was used in repressions regarding Pisartsov Mykhailo and Dmytro Danilov, who have been jail for over a year now," said the statement.

Volodymyr Nikonenko was convicted of making the stencils of the President, which were found to be extremist.

Thus, according to the Black committee, Pisartsov and Danilov got 2 years in prison, Gannenko - 1.8 years in prison, Nikonenko - 1 year in labor camp.

In June 2011, due to the appearance in Lviv of drawings of President Viktor Yanukovych shot in the head a criminal case was opened.

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