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 Yanukovych Bought Two Villas in Crimea. PHOTOS

The state sold two historic buildings in Simeiz to companies affiliated with President Viktor Yanukovych.

This is stated inthe article by the Ukrainian Pravda.

As the articlenotes, in 2006 the Liga-M 2006 and Force 2006 through the courtsforced the Crimean Property Fund to conclude lease agreements forvillas Cameo and Miro Mare which housed the Ministry of SocialPolicy health resort.

The owners ofthese companies were Kyiv's Tehnopromservis LLC and resident ofSebastopol Denys Varochkin.

In turn, among thefounders of the Tehnopromservis are British Navimax VenturesLimited and Iryna Schinovich. "According to the register of legalentities, Schinovich heads the primary organization of Mezhyhiriaunion which was turned into a personal paradise of the incumbentPresident," says the article.

Later, the leasewas terminated, and the villas returned to state resort. However,as reported by the Ministry of Social Policy, in 2012, Cameo andMiro Mare villas had been sold, "since that property was not usedfor its intended purpose."

The villas wereacquired by Ukrainian Building Company LLC and Demetra LLC in2011.

"The founders ofthe first are a resident of Sebastopol, Yurii Romanov and offshorecompany Osprey International Solutions Limited from the BritishVirgin Islands. Second company is owned by another resident ofSebastopol - Leonid Glagovskyy and offshore company PasternHoldings Ltd from the same islands," says in thearticle.

However, later the sale of villas caused another controversyregarding the issue of the tax invoice for VAT purposes.
According to court decisions, published in the State Register,Ukrainian Building Company purchased Cameo villa for 7,079,000hryvnia, and Demetra 2011 purchased Miro Mare for 2,563,000hryvnia. "That is for two historic buildings on the sea statereceived 9 million 642 thousand hryvnia," - says the article.

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