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 Symbol of Ukraine is Prison! Singer Ruslana Held a Press Conference in Handcuffs and Under Guard. PHOTO

Ruslana Lyzhychko gave a press conference in handcuffs and under the supervision of two tough looking men in camouflage and masks who led her by the hand.

Journalist Zhanna Kuiava writes in her Facebookpage:

"Thus the People'sArtist of Ukraine presented the Speak Up campaign against thelawlessness of the judicial system of Ukraine. Specifically, shedespises the situation that has developed around the Pavlichenkofamily. According to her, the family is the victim of judicialtyranny.

AdditionallyRuslana presented the new video This is EU-phori-A! which wasfilmed behind bars. It is not a calm sight, I will tell you that,writes the journalist.

"To show thepresent-day Ukraine, it is necessary to show its prisons. Prison isthe new symbol of Ukraine," she said.

She also informedthat she made the English version of this song, and the protestvideo has already been shown in Europe! Bravo, Ruslana,"- writesZhanna Kuiava .

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