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 Kinah’s Car Blew Red Light and Caused an Accident. PHOTOS

An accident involving the car of Party of Regions deputy Anatolii Kinakh took place near Kyiv.

On the road joining elite neighborhood Koncha Zaspa withthe capital Volkswagen Phaeton hit an Opel", reports TSN. Accordingto the victim, the luxury car was carrying Anatolii Kinakh withfamily, bodyguard and driver. "At the intersection an elderly mandriving an Opel was making a turn. The Volkswagen flew through ared light, caught the Opel, flew to the curb and rammed a fence ofKoncha Zaspa resort," says the news story.

An elderly manreceived a head injury and is now in hospital. Are there anycasualties in the executive car is unknown. However, the licenseplates were quickly taken off the Volkswagen although they wererecorded by an amateur camera. Traffic police patrol has hastilyfilled out a report and the car was towed away without any delays.The press service of the Kyiv Traffic Police did not comment on theincident, saying that the issue should be discussed withmanagement.

The politicianneither confirmed nor denied the fact of the accident. "I'm allright. Thank you for your concern, all the best," hesaid.

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