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 Police Surveillance Shows Regions Melnyk Who Cursed the Journalist Among Notorious Gangsters. PHOTO

Police surveillance footage of mid-90s depicting Regions deputy Oleksandr Melnyk who cursed a journalist in the Crimean parliament has been leaked on the Internet.

"Here you can see foul-mouthed Crimean MP, Party of Regions' Oleksandr Melnyk (a.k.a. Melia) together with thugs from Seilem gang on January 24, 1996 in the images from the police video surveillance on the day of the murder of his criminal friends Simferopol city council deputies Oleksandr 'Cherry' Vyshniakov and Serhii 'Crooked Leg' Myshak," writes journalist Artem Shevchenko on his Facebook page.

Earlier Melnyk had a conflict with chief editor of Crimean-Tatar programs of TV Krym Shevket Ganiiev when he cursed at the journalist.

He called the journalist retard, f''#ing idiot, threatened him and fumed about the press being allowed too much.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p225520