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 Restaurant Blown up in Downtown Kyiv. Two People Dead PHOTOS + VIDEO

As the result of fire in Aura restaurant in the Pechersk district of Kyiv two people died.

According to the ministry of Emergencies press service "In Kyiv at 02.50 a.m. in the Pechersk district of the city at Volodymyrskyy Uzviz, 2-E, a one-story restaurant building Aura caught fire and caused the death of two people."

The fire destroyed about 500 square meters of the building.

At 4.47 a.m. 17 units of the Ministry of Emergencies with main and special equipment eliminated the fire.

According to the KP in Ukraine, 30 fire trucks arrived at the scene. The entire area around the restaurant was cordoned off by the police. Rescuers recovered the bodies of two victims - the women worked as cleaners at the restaurant. Four guards managed to run out of the building.

According to eyewitnesses before the fire there was a loud explosion outside the restaurant . It has been established that it was the gas cylinders.

"About three in the morning I was listening to music player and I felt the earth shake. I got scared and looked around and saw the whole arch of Peoples' Friendship shrouded in smoke. In about 5-7 minutes the fire trucks came," said one of the nearest vendors.

According to the Emergency Ministry, the explosion could have been much more powerful. In the back room of the restaurant there were oxygen and gas cylinders. Some of them were carried out by rescue service literally in hands. After a fire the site of the restaurant is ruins. Instead of one of the most expensive decorations in Kyiv all that's left is a few concrete pillars that supported the walls, scattered remains of furniture, and broken dishes. Around 5 a.m. the site was visited by the head of the capital division of the Ministry of Emergencies and recently appointed new prosecutor of Kyiv.

"We had a lot of questions to the owners of this place," said one of the representatives of the Kiev Prosecutor's Office, adding that there is an ongoing criminal investigation regarding the restaurant.

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