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 Hard Day's Work for President's Son: Texting About His Off-Road Vehicle. PHOTO

Yanukovych's son who has already received a mandate in the new Rada has not been noted doing anything useful at the Verkhovna Rada meetings but 11 petty inquiries to Tymoshenko's Cabinet officials and the author's participation in 12 bills.

"It is common knowledge that he is an ardent supporter of the off-road racing, and probably jeeps is the only thing that attract this child. In the text message highlighted in green he boasts that he built some new toy and that he has enough wheels," writes Vlad Sodel on his Facebook page.

Ukraine. Kiev. Session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Party of Regions deputy, Viktor Yanukovych. 06 November, 2012.

"And it's not surprising, as is of no surprise the person he is texting with... a user named Khovanskyy Vitaliy. Judge Khovanskyy was the one that falsified the revoking of Yanukovych Sr.'s convictions before the presidential elections in 2004," noted the author of the photo.

Though, we are probably talking about the judge's son in this case

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