Ukrainian Politics

 Regime Rigs Elections in Favor of Pylypyshyn by spoiling Opposition Ballots. PHOTO

The scandalous district № 223 in the capital has recounted the votes in separate precincts and as of 8:25 a.m. awarded the victory to Viktor Pylypyshyn.

The Ukrainian Pravda reports that the district election commission sent the data to the CEC server after processing more than 93.06% of protocols of the precinct election commissions.

According to this interim data, independent candidate Viktor Pylypyshyn is ahead of Svoboda representative Yuriy Levchenko by 127 votes (25,435 votes or 27.44% compared to 25,308 votes or 27.3%).

After processing of over 91% of the protocols Levchenko was winning Pylypyshyn by 134 votes.

Part of the ballots that precinct election commissions noted in favor of Levchenko had two marks on them, Radio Liberty reports from the district commission.

In particular, it turned out that one of the precincts had 324 more spoiled ballots than indicated in the commission's protocol.

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