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 New Fights Break Out in 223 District. PHOTO

Another clash occurred during the meeting of the district election commission in the 223rd district where Svoboda’s Levchenko is running against pro-government’s independent Viktor Pylypyshyn.

One of Svoboda activists tried push out of a man who introduced himself as a journalist. According to Svoboda the 'journalist' was a representative of candidate Pylypyshyn. The police was called to the room who escorted the conflicting parties out of the room. One of the commission members Helen Nikolayuk said that she got hit in the face during a fight.

Some time the dispute continued in the hall during which Nikolayuk and Svoboda supporters resorted to mutual insults. Before that Nikolayuk stated that she received text messages with threats. Earlier there were reports that ballots for Svoboda's representative were ruined en masse.

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