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 Fight in District 211: Regions Broke Terekhin's Finger. Special Forces Join the Fight. PHOTO + VIDEO

A fight broke out on the territory of 211 district commission between the Party of Regions and Batkivschyna deputies, commission members, and police.

The brawl occurredafter the district commission started a vote count, reportsRBC-Ukraine. Some members of Batkivschyna began to interfere withthe actions stating that there is no appellate decision to dothat.

The fight emerged between Batkivschyna deputies AndriyPavlovskyy and Serhiy Terekhin, and Regions deputies VladyslavLukyanov and Volodymyr Oliynyk.

10 fighters entered the commission building and are trying toremove the Batkivschyna deputies.

However, as one of the journalists present reports on herFacebook page, deputy Terekhin had his finger broken. "Right nowBerkut has surrounded the table where the commission members aredoing the re-count. Terekhin has his finger broken," shewrote.

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Source: Photo by Mykola Danevych