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 Opposition Lost 15 Plurality Districts Because of Klitschko. PHOTOS

The results of the elections clearly show the opposition forces' lack of ability to negotiate which led to defeat in a number of plurality districts. It is a representative of his Udar party that causes defeat to a ruling party or an independent - the total support of Batkivschyna and Udar candidates together is greater than the winning candidate's.

It is the situation where an opposition candidate had a chance to win but Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, and Tyagnybok could not agree on leaving a single candidate. Udar's candidates were the ones that got less votes that Batkivschyna or Svoboda candidates.

There is only one single district where Batkivschyna candidate clearly ruined the victory for a more popular Udar candidate. And no such cases with Svoboda candidates.

Here is the situation where opposition could have won provided there was a single candidate (total opposition votes in red):

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