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 Railroad Ordered a Garage Rail Waggon for 13 Million for Yanukovych. PHOTO

"Юго-Западная железная дорога" 10 октября по результатам тендера заключила соглашение с ПАО "Крюковский вагоностроительный завод" на изготовление вагона-гаража стоимостью 13 миллионов 80 тысяч гривен.

The State Purchase Bulletin publishes the information, reports Censor.NET.

Urgent production pf two waggons for transporting two cars and service personnel have been ordered similar to the one made last year for President's cars.

This car meant to go at a speed of up 160 km/h shall have a four seat compartment, one two seat compartment, a two seat compartment for railroad personnel, one kitchen premise, one lavatory and one garage for two cars.

The waggon will also be equipped with internal video surveillance system (two cameras in the garage and monitors in the security compartment), autonomous air conditioning system, fire and security alarm.

All sections will be equipped with 220V power outlets, and TV sets. The kitchen will have a microwave, refrigerator, electric oven and a VCR.

Last year the South West Railroad ordered Kryukov Plant a garage waggon for 12,120,000 UAH (1.5 million USD) which was manufactured in 6 months.

The bidding documentation does not provide any details regarding the future purpose of the garage waggon. However, technical specifications are identical to last year's presidential order. The order is financed by the South West railroad as it was last year.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p220976