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 Ukrainian Insurgent Army Commemoration March: Smoke Pellets, Communist and Regions Flag Burning. PHOTOS

Two events took place in Kyiv on Sunday, October 15 - the Communists 'hanged' Bandera and Shuhevych (nationalist heroes of the beginning of the 20th century) and Svoboda (nationalists) activists stomped and burned the flags with the Communists and the Party of Regions symbolic.

Svoboda's Ukrainian 70th Anniversary Insurgent Army Commemoration March gathered up to 5,000 people and the civil order was supported by 200 law enforcement officers. The media reports numbers of 10,000 participants and the Svoboda press service reports 30,000.

The police reports that there were no law violations during the mach.

Alternative 'antifascist' event by the Communist party gathered very few people and was peaceful.

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