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 Party of Regions Office Trashed in Sumy Oblast. PHOTO

Unknown persons trashed the office of the Party of Regions in Sumy oblast on the night of October 11.

According to UNIAN, the press service of the party stated the following: "Doors were broken, a wall demolished, safe with documents opened - this is the scene. Valuable property - equipment, computers, cellphones, personal items - remain in place," noted the organization. The press service says that "according to preliminary idea, the attack was intended against the Party of Regions since the neighboring offices were left untouched."

Regarding possible reasons the party activists think that the opposition may be involved in this. "The thieves were interested only in the contents of our safe. That is they were probably looking for information regarding our work," said the head of Trostyanets rayon Party of Regions organization Oleksiy Novohatskiy. "I do not suspect anyone in particular but I think that it was possibly our opponents who don't like our election campaign which is constructive and very tolerant towards our opponents," he said.

The police says that they are conducting an investigation. It has been determined that the perpetrators took off the building's entrance door but could not get into the office. That is why they broke through the wall. They opened two safes and took 800 UAH from one of them that belonged to the party's accountant. A criminal cases regarding the theft has been opened.

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