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 Police Reveals New Photo: Carvan Killer Drinking Beer on a Boat in Kyiv. PHOTO

The police has published another photo of the suspect in security guards' killing in the Caravan mall.

On the picture Yaroslav Mazurok can bee sen relaxed, drinkingbeer on the boat sailing Dnipro river in Kyiv.

Morevoer, wanted posters have been placed on subway warning thatthe suspect may be armed.

"Suspect is believed to be 35-40 years of age, 180-185 smheight, short fair hair, athletic build, was wearing a greenjacket, gray blue jeans, black shoes," says the Ministry ofInternal Affairs release.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs asks anyone having anyinformation contact 278-36-83, 271-97-31, 271-90-96 (in Kyiv), aswell as 097-676-23-22, 097-676-17-16 or 102.

The police guarantees privacy and a reward in the amount of 100,000UAH (12.2 thousand USD).

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p219849