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 Yushchenko Caught Bribing Voters With Food in his Native Sumy Oblast. PHOTOS

Candidate Petro Yushchenko gives out food rations in his electoral district #161.

According to Internet portal buryn.at.ua, on Saturday a truck with speakers was placed in Buryn, Sumy oblast, that broadcasted the achievements of Viktor Yushchenko as a President, and then played several songs by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and Stas Mykhaylov.

Petro Yuschenko (currently a deputy) was giving out food rations.

The bags with a logo of Our Ukraine (Nasha Ukrayina) contained a portion of sausage, canned sprat, canned sardines, oil, cookies, spaghetti, flour, rice, buckwheat, sugar, tea, coffee, condensed milk, and canned peas.

Such provision in accordance with local prices would cost approximately 120 UAH.

Yushchenko has also gaven a speech in a local club in regard to Teacher's Day.

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