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 Lutsenko Reveals Setups by Prison Keepers and Their Lies to the Press. DOCUMENT

Former Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko says the statements of penetentiary service employees that he refused to talk to the press are blatant lies.

The corresponding press release was made by People'sSelf-Defense press service. In his statement Lutsenko says:

"I, Lutsenko Yuriy, found out about another lie the StatePenetentiary Service (SPS) which on October 2 stated that I allegedly refused to talk to the journalists of 1+1 TVChannel who were accompanying medics and ombudsman in thecourse of their visit to Menska colony.

Moreover, as it turns out during these past days when I was bedresting, taking pain killers and my blood pressure was 160/120, theSPS spread infromation that Lutsenko is in good health and he didnot ask for medical assistance.

I state that all this is blatant lies which can be proven by mynumerous written demands to provide me with medical assistance, theentries in the medical records and registry book of the convicts'appeals.

But what can you expect from the Service that has for half a year(!) been hiding the hepatitis that I was diagnosed with. The onlysurprising thing is their belief that it will go unpunished. I willsurvive all this, I will come back, and it will be felt," notedLutsenko.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p219245