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 Caravan Killer Identified as a Member of Dikayev Crime Group. PHOTO

The former high-ranking police official and presently crime journalist Kostyantyn Stogniy stated that the killer from Caravan shopping center who shot and killed 3 people looks very similar to a member of Aslan Dikayev crime group recently destroyed in Odessa.

During the raid by special forces in Odessa one of the criminalsran away - a person by the name of Andriy Shemetenkov. Later therewas a press release saying he was killed in Crimea.

Suspect in Caravan murders

Stogniy wrote on his blog: "I look at these two portaits... Theshooter looks very much like this Shemetenkov (I can be mistaken).And everything points to the fact that a person like Shemetenkovcould do it - it was so cold-blooded, he just shot three peoplewithout hesitation and he knew what he was doing."

According to Stogniy, a plastic surgeon whom the TV crew showedthese two images said that it is 60-70% match.

"And now the police will have to figure out the deal with theCrimea body of Shemetenkov. We'll see how it ends."

Andriy Shemetenkov, allegedly killed in Crimea

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