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 Mykolayiv is Expecting Yanukovych: Streets Blocked Off and Snipers on the Roofs. PHOTOS

Friday morning Mykolayiv is expecting a visit from the President Viktor Yanukovych.

The first sign - the traffic lights are switched off. Electronictraffic regulators are turned off on the main streets, reportsnovosti-n.mk.ua.

The lights are also switched off even in the places where thePresident is not expected to come. Surprisingly there are notraffic jams in the downtown are. The drivers probably listened tothe warning to avoid the central part.

On the main avenue there are patrolmen and traffic policemen atevery 50-100 meters - from sergeants to colonels. It seems that theadministration pulled all their reserves.

One point of the city is covered with brand new tents with theParty of Regions logo.

The first place Yanukovych will visit is Mykolayiv AgrarianUniversity. The streets close to it are completely blocked off.Near the entrance a group of 'welcomers' is gathering. A littleaside there are several new buses with posters 'To MykolayivChildren From the President' - obviously Yanukovych is going to behanding out presents.

In the morning you could see two groups of people with packedsniper rifles entering the university. They will be covering thesurrounding areas. The residents of nearby buildings wereinstructed not to open their windows or come close them.

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